sâmbătă, 6 decembrie 2014

“'Cos I was born for the purpose That crucifies your mind”

At first I thought

That it Is too late in the night already to start writing some crooked little lines that shall be swallowed by the dust of today before tomorrow

But then I met all the people who had met before the so called “purpose”

But my mind is no longer a place that could host the blues of the good old golden days that drowned in dry red wine

And only the orange hygiene keeper drink accompanies my contradictory thoughts

Maybe life is after all just a long path where we seed our contradictions that we give birth to throughout our experiences

Maybe this is the so called self becoming route that is no longer covered in dust because of the footsteps that paved the souls of the previous generations. But who is left to pave our personalities and offer the so much needs role model that we fail to accept as a necessity? 

We seek our minds and souls through various methods
Modern era does not offer anything that could ease the seeking. Postmodernity instead of clarifying the previous enigmas that history planted comes and deepens the ambiguity of our twisted mentalities
And then again reading Kerouac has not the same effect, regardless of the road that we are on
Ginsberg’s words sound different when you are in the middle of the same action but the perspectives changed throughout time and you cannot be the same person that the same person as yourself would have been years ago in the same situation
Nothing is in itself what it seems to be in itself and it is all the creation of our magnificent ambiguous maleficent and sometimes marvelously creative brain
And yet we are left to wonder in the void of choices that are “choices” only through semantics 

But in a world where nothing is in itself what it appears to be in itself and we select every opinion through a strainer specific entirely to our own unique points of view that have been moulded already by society and various other manipulators that are worthless to bring into conversation, what is left to chose when it comes to reaction? What could be the best reaction when the answer to action in itself is through a lack of reaction and instead of acting we are observing because the information provided is not enough to motivate and encourage anything else than inaction

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