duminică, 24 mai 2015


-          Hey there. What are you doing here at the bar all alone on such a friendly Friday evening? 
              I seize him in a quick glance; easy to read, just like all the other men; surely not a Ulysses of his species. Car keys in hand, must have a family at home, clothes clean and neat, you let your wife do your clothes so you can come and fuck around with other people, right? Starting the balding process, must be over 30, probably also has a kid or two and judging by the shoes you also have a dog. You little prick, you are living the white picket fence dream in some suburbia, that’s why you chose this backcountry pub to get wasted and get an easy fuck away from your dream that turned into a nightmare. In your head.

-          Just waiting to drown some sorrows. Not much really.
-          Such a pity for a young beautiful girl like you to stay here all alone. I am here with some friends (points at idiot group from the corner). Maybe you would like to join us.
30     seconds, dozens of synapses, Matrix all over in my head. You are judges and sentenced.
-          Sure, I would like that, thanks.
Here’s a smile for you, you little loser with a small dick complex. Oh and your friends seem extremely bright as well.
-          Sorry, I didn’t get your name.
-          Lysa. How about you?
-          George. Hahah just George will do. And my friends here, JD and Bob. We work for the same company, you know. So we started by being workmates and then we noticed we can also share a beer and such, you know, men talk about our own problems.
-          Interesting.
-          She was sitting at the bar alone so I got here to stay here with us, I am sure you don’t mind. Lysa, my friends, folks, Lysa.
-          Nice to meet you all.
-          Hey there. Long Friday for you too, I assume. Going through a week of work is exhausting.
-          Yes. I work for an international organized crime association. We had a lot of work this day. (Smile)
-          Hahaha you also have the sense of humor I see. That is good cuz’ we are also a bunch of funny people.

Pretend to be drunk. Pretend to be blonde. Pretend to be easy and most of all pretend to be interested in the bollocks that comes out from their mouths. Pretend to know nothing of the surrounding world, environment, politics, philosophy and act like football and boobs are the best part of your life, and making sandwiches for you man after offering him a nice blowjob. Pretend you hate kids because they come with a commitment and we do not like that. Pretend you are not into long term relations because you always want to be free. Commitment scares the motherfuckers. We do not want that. Pretend that one night with this little baldhead with no hopes and dreams and a shitty brain is all you could ever want from life. Pretend you did not pour that Rophynol in the moron’s drink. Sleep motherfucker sleep.

-  Wakey wakey dear, we do not have the entire night, you must get back to your pretty wifey, don’t you? The wife that gave her life away to make a meaningless prick like you happy, she made you a few kids that you do not give the least shit about and tries to remain a size 6 for the rest of her life so that she is still attractive for the man that no longer gives a fuck about his own looks. Oh but that is not enough, doesn’t she know? Lust comes in waves and at nights lust is killing you, but not for the same old used vagina. You crave for something new. You crave for the unknown that is sitting at the bar and is interested in your stupid smalltalk.

Oh my, sorry for being so rude. This is my apartment, the place you wanted to end up this night, right? Well look dear, that wish just came true. Smile. Oh sorry you can’t because of the tape, but we would hate to have you screaming all around the place and waking neighbors wouldn’t be sugar? Oh and your hands might also hurt because of the cuffs but frankly I was afraid that you might oppose to some of the treatments that I want to try on you. So I hope you feel comfortable here.

I was thinking what would be the most appropriate punishment for you. But then again dear, who am I to judge your actions. And who would I be to sentence you to one thing or another. I was just thinking that if you were my husband instead, your dick would be laying next to you on the floor while you would bleed to death. But it’s Friday and I feel generous today.

Therefore, I will have my friends to come and take care of you. Remember I told you where I work and you found it funny? I guess truth is amusing and seems like a lie for those who are only used to feeding lies to others. But surprise, surprise. But you will make it out alive I can promise you that. You can thank me later dear. Oh and once they are done with you, you can be sure that you will be watched; every stupid little move of yours, every time your little dick wants to come out from your pants. We will know.

Take him out of my house!

Pretend to be a nice and decent housewife. Pretend to love your cheating husband with a little dick complex. Pretend not to know that he is fucking that stupid blonde bimbo next door. Pretend you love him just as much as you did years ago when you still believed in feelings and honesty. Innocence. Pretend you couldn’t wait to come home and see him watching the stupid TV after having spread his seed all over the cunt that is two sizes smaller than you. Pretend you care about the stupid football game and that you come home from a long day of work full of excitement to give him another blowjob. Perfect end for a perfect day. But oh dear soon you will know that I know and no innocence will save you.
-          Hey Beth. Thought you never come home today.
-          Hey honey. Just a long day at work. Quite tiring end of the week.
-          Oh you want something to eat dear? We have all the things in the fridge if you wanna cook something for us.
CLose. Soon. 

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